Your Horoscope for November - Turning the Soil

Your Horoscope for November - Turning the Soil

As Above, So Below


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By: Beverley Golden


Welcome to our monthly astrology column, “As Above, So Below” for November



If you read our October forecast, you know that the theme was “Inner Balance and Stability.” Were you able to find these in your life during October?


According to this month’s Power Path forecast, the theme is “Turning the Soil”.  Interesting idea to think about, isn’t it? The forecast says, Because we are turning the soil of our own lives, we get to discover what we forgot we had, as well as to observe where we need more growth and fertilization. Think of yourself as a plant in your own garden. Are you feeling root-bound by your own stubbornness, calcification and attachments? Have you allowed any new energy in the form of new ideas and inspirations into your life? Have you nourished yourself spiritually? Does your life feel somewhat small and pinched?”


As November begins, we are moving deeper into the darkest, or the lightest, time of year, depending on where you live. It’s a wonderful time to reconnect with the world around us by spending time in nature and recognizing how everything on the planet is interconnected and the lessons nature has to teach us. You can read more about this in “Nature, Beauty and Our Humanity."


As someone who sees how important it is for each of us to make a difference in our own way, I am learning that only through a willingness to look inside, can we impact the world around us. November is the month to be aware that, “There will be numerous opportunities to discover what you are missing and what you wish you had more of. And maybe you find you want to change things up, plant something new, do some bigger landscaping on your life. We have excellent support for this now as we revisit similar energies to the time of the eclipse. This gives us a second chance to accomplish what we didn’t back then.”


Another powerful reminder for us in November’s The Power Path: “One of the gifts of this time is the discovery of new passions and the rediscovery of old talents. As you turn up your past, your history, and your old dreams and inspirations, you may discover that you really do want to play music or write a book or be an artist or work with animals or children.”


Are you up for the challenge presented by November’s theme of “Turning the Soil? Going inward can be challenging, but it is the only way we can positively change both ourselves and the world around us. You can read the full November forecast Here.


Please let us know in the comments your thoughts on astrology and how November’s theme of Turning the Soil shows up in your life!



Beverley Golden


As a writer, re:searcher and curious observer of the world around me, I love exploring what makes people do what they do and believe what they believe. My longtime fascination with astrology even had me subtitle my book, “Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie”— “observations of life on earth and other cosmic meanderings.” As a lifestyle writer, my musings can be found on my own blog and also on the Huffington Post and Family Guiding.


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