New Twisted Collection: Elasticity for Curls

New Twisted Collection: Elasticity for Curls

Sebastian Professional Introduces New Line Specifically Created for Curls

New Twisted Collection: Elasticity for Curls


WOODLAND HILLS, CA (August 2017) – Women now more than ever want to embrace their natural curls as a celebration of their identity. From wavy locks, to beautifully defined coils, Sebastian Professional knows that not all curls are created equal. The new Sebastian Professional Twisted Collection offers a full range of six products designed to protect hair’s natural elasticity, both in natural and hot tool styled curls. Infused with underwater plant technology, the collection enhances hair’s natural beauty, keeping it frizz-free, bouncy and strong.  



Developed by Sebastian Professional Global Art Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey, The Twisted Collection taps into the hidden depths of underwater plants to infuse curls with Flexi-Alg Complex, a break-through technology that gives curls the same elasticity and ability to resist environmental forces as underwater plants. Its unique blend of Carrageenan extract, Red Seaweed, elastic polymer, and glycerin form an elastic coating around each individual hair strand to result in 70% more elastic flexibility, bounciness, moisture, anti-frizz and definition for up to 48 hours.


The Twisted Collection consists of six care and styling products all infused with Flexi-Alg Complex:

  • Twisted Elastic Cleanser: Gently washes in moisture, injecting each hair strand with elasticity for easier styling.
  • Twisted Elastic Detangler: Daily detangler that locks in moisture and boosts elasticity for easier styling and touchable, flexible curls.
  • Twisted Elastic Mask: Nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber while shielding against humidity, fighting frizz, and adding moisture.
  • Twisted Curl Magnifier Cream: Polishes and defines curls without extra weight, stiffness or crunchiness. Helps fight daily frizz and dryness for touchable, natural-looking definition and bounce.
  • Twisted Curl Lifter Foam: Boosts hair elasticity and controls frizz for curls that bounce. No stickiness or crunchiness, just all-day resistance for natural looking curls.
  • Twisted Curl Reviver Spray: Final touch-up or on-the-spot styling spray that renews manageability and controls frizz for weightless definition.



“The Twisted Collection is revolutionizing the way we approach curly hair care and styling”, said Anthony Cole, Sebastian Professional International Lead Stylist. “By sourcing the ingredients to achieve optimal elasticity in curly hair, this collection allows you to create the perfect custom curly hair regimen for your exact curly hair type.” Cole shares his recommended regimen for various curly hair types using the new Twisted Collection. “Whether you have natural curls, or use hot tools to change your look with waves and curls, Sebastian’s new Twisted Line has the exact product your hair needs.”


  • Wavy hair with wide-set ripples and straight roots should use a combination of Twisted Elastic Cleanser, and Twisted Elastic Detangler, plus the Twisted Curl Lifter Foam to ensure hair is full of elasticity, touchable, and bouncy while providing all-day resistance.
  • Curly hair with round curls and loose ends should combine Twisted Elastic Cleaner, Twisted Elastic Detangler, and Twisted Curl Magnifying Cream to lock in all day moisture for touchable, natural looking bounce and definition.
  • Coily hair with high sized curls and volume will want to use Twisted Elastic Cleanser, Twisted Elastic Mask, Twisted Curl Magnifying Cream, and Twisted Curl Reviver Spray to keep locks looking polished, moisturized and defined while protecting against frizz.
  • Curled with Hot Tools hair should use a combination of the Twisted Elastic Cleanser, Twisted Elastic Detangler, Twisted Curl Magnifying Cream, and Twisted Curl Reviver Spray to get the desired bounce, definition and holding anti-frizz power naturally straight hair needs.
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