FAQ - Fashion Colour and Timeline

FAQ - Fashion Colour and Timeline
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What is the Life Expectancy of My Fashion Colour?


We love fashion colours! Ombre pastels, bold metallics, and blindingly bright colours. We love them all! Unfortunately, like all fashion trends, they don’t stick around for long.


Every time you wash your hair, you’re going to lose some of that colour. Your fashion colour may last as little as a few washes, especially if it’s a pastel or another light shade. Generally, the darker the colour, the longer it lasts. 


People often have an unrealistic idea about how long their colour will last. They see an awesome fashion colour on their favourite blog or vlog and don’t realize that the vlogger probably has regular touchups or the blogger is releasing photos from multiple photo shoots taken right after the hair was coloured. 


If you find that your hair starts to show brassy tones within days, your problem may not be the fading colour so much as your natural hair colour showing through. No matter what your hair colour was, it usually looks brassy if your hair wasn’t as light as possible before the colour was applied. You should contact the salon and let them know.


The life expectancy of your fashion colour also depends on how well your hair holds colour. Every head is different.  Choose a good quality shampoo and conditioner formulated to help lock in colour so you can stretch that bold blast of colour for a little longer.

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