FAQ - Colour and Dimension

FAQ - Colour and Dimension
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How Can I Add Dimension to My Colour?

If you’ve envied your favourite celebrity’s shimmering hair, you’ve probably been looking at dimensional hair colour. It’s a technique that most colourists will recommend since it helps you avoid one flat, solid colour. Our hair naturally has highlights and lowlights so adding dimension to coloured hair is extremely important to help it look natural.


Usually, adding dimension means putting lowlights and highlights in strategic sections of your hair. Placement is important to achieve the natural look. You also need to start with high quality permanent or semi-permanent hair colour that gives you a rich, deep colour to start with. 


Balayage is really popular at our salon. It’s a method of hand-painting strands to add depth. If you don’t have a regular colourist, try to find someone with baylage experience since this is an area where experience counts. Foil highlights are also really popular.


If you’re interested in adding depth to your natural hair colour, your hair will already hold the answers for tone. Your colourist just looks at your natural variation and enhances it. Most brunettes have golden or reddish strands in their hair. A good colourist will work with your natural shades since these will match your skin tone best.


And remember, a great haircut also adds movement to your hair, making it eye-catching and more interesting.

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