Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Hair Trends

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Thinking of changing your hair style this fall? Maybe you can find some inspiration in the fall/winter 2020 hair trends that we spotted in the fashion shows. 
Middle Part
Middle part is a smooth and simple styling choice. The slimming, modern look of a middle part tends to give an illusion of length and symmetry while narrowing and adding the balance to your facial features.
Messy Hairstyle
 A recent new hair trend is an intentionally messy and wild-looking hair. Messy hairstyles are chic and charming, and at the same time, they give a fresh, playful vibe.
Low Ponytail
 This easy hairstyle is impossible to mess up, especially in winter when it is a time to wear a hat. Ponytails are always clean, simple, and elegant. 
Side Part
Unlike middle partings, side parts are in fact more sober and serious, especially when kept very clean. In general, the combination of side parts and low ponytails becomes quite popular.
Buns and Knots
A bun is a quick hairstyle that can add instant elegance to your look. Alternatively, knot is a new way to tie hair. Twist and knot your hair into a quick chignon that is neither too low nor too high, and have a few strands sticking out at the bottom. It's the perfect look for when you need to throw on some sweats and get out the door.
The classic half-up hairstyle is always a good choice. It keeps your hair out of your face, also keeps your neck and shoulders warm when you need it in winter. Half-up hairstyle is proper and clean but also comfortable and easy to achieve.
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